The Health Craft Kitchen ‘Salad’ Machine is a precision engineered food cutter. It’s a simple-to-use kitchen tool that allows you to grate, shred, slice, waffle cut, French cut, Julienne, chop, and peel, all types of foods including vegetables, fruits, crackers, cheese, hard sausage, and various cooked meats. This manually operated food cutter is easy to turn and gives you complete control over the speed of the machine and the size of the processed pieces of food. It features a heavy, triple-coated chrome plated base, hopper and handle. All cones are 18-8 stainless steel for years of beauty and constant use, and will not stain or rust, and our exclusive Delran bushing will not rust, corrode or seize up.

Your Health Craft food cutter performs multitudes of time and labor-saving operations. It prepares foods for cooking, precision cuts vegetables for salads and decorative garnishes, and quickly prepares foods for baby or special diets.

You’ll find Many Uses for Your Health Craft Kitchen “Salad” Machine food cutter, and with a little practice, a multitude of new ideas will unfold.

Health Craft Kitchen Machine, salad maker, food cutter. Click on Photo to Enlarge
Health Craft Kitchen Machine, salad maker, food cutter. Click on Photo to Enlarge

Harvest Salad

      As seen in Video


Serves: 8

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Equipment: French chef knife, Cutting Board, Kitchen Machine food cutter


¼             head green cabbage, shredded blade #5

¼             head red cabbage, shredded blade #5

1              cucumber, waffle cut blade #5

1              yellow squash, sliced blade #4

5              radishes, sliced blade #4

1              carrot, grated blade #1

¼             butternut squash, grated and peeled blade #1

1              lemon, zest grated blade #1

½             cup Parmesan cheese, grated blade #1

¼             red onion, julienne and peeled, blade #2

½             cup Italian dressing


Prep vegetables and cut in the order listed above.  Toss and serve with Italian dressing.


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Detailed Instructions…

A Recipe, Instruction Booklet is included with purchase, and all of our cookbooks have specific instructions with each recipe relating to the use of your Food Cutter.

Cleaning Your Food Cutter…

Before First Use; although your new Kitchen Machine food cutter is bright and shiny, there still may be some residual polishing compounds and machine oils from manufacturing. To clean before first use, prepare a basin of warm soapy water with 1 cup of white distilled vinegar added. Submerge Food Cutter and Cutting Cones for 5 to 10 minutes, rinse with warm water and dry.

Ordinary dishwashing is sufficient for your food cutter. It will not pit, peel, rust, stain or chip. Wash with soup and water, rinse and dry with soft cloth to keep the mirror-like shine. Keep bottom suction-cup area clean and free of grease. It’s dishwasher safe, but should be placed on the top rack of your dishwasher, as the high heat of some new style dishwashers may damage the suction-cup. Usually rinsing under running water immediately after use is all that’s necessary. Your Food Cutter has a sealed bearing and does not require oiling.

To Use Your Food Cutter…

The food cutter can be attached firmly to any clean non-porous surface, such as Formica, Granite, etc... To lock base, turn suction cup lever from right to left. This will create a suction which locks base on to the flat surface. To release the base, pull lever up. If necessary, lift suction pad with finger to help release any remaining suction pressure.

Slide Food Guide onto hopper. The Food Guide helps to position the food perpendicular to the cutting cone blades to ensure best cutting results.


To Loosen the Food Cutter from countertop…

To loosen from work surface, turn the bottom lever from front to back (or right to left), and the suction cup will release.

To Attach Cutting Cones…

Hold the open end of the cone in your left hand; place the center hole of the cone blade on the center pin of the clutch disk. Turn the handle clockwise to engage clutch lugs in six holes of cone blade. Place bowl directly under the slicing cone to catch food.

To Remove Cone Blades…

Hold open end of cone blade firmly in left hand being careful to avoid sharp cutting edges, and turn handle counterclockwise.

CAUTION: Cutting Cone Blades are very sharp. Handle carefully when washing and using. Always use Protective Food Guide when cutting.


Food Guide…

The Food Guide has been designed to make cutting easier, enabling you to make perfect cuts of fruits and vegetables while eliminating waste. It can be used with all cones, but is especially recommended to be used when slicing with the #4 Slicer and the #5 Waffle cutting cones.

Attach the Food Guide to the Kitchen Machine by sliding it onto the hopper until is securely fastened (see video). To remove, slide the guide toward you. Do not twist or pull Food Guide upward.

To ensure even cuts, guide the food directly into the cutting cone, holding it upright and perpendicular to the cutting cone, resting the food on the front edge of the Food Guide. Exert a slight downward pressure as you turn the handle at a consistent speed. 

Larger vegetables and fruits can be cut effective without using the food guide, as follows.


Helpful Hints…

When not using the Food Guide, feed firm vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, and cucumbers with your fingertips. Anchor your thumb and little finger on the sides of the hopper. Do not feed with thumbs, palm of hand or “baseball bat” grip.

Use fresh, crisp foods for best results.

You can peel your cut fruits or vegetables with hard skin such as onions, pumpkin, hard squash, avocado or melons. Place the peeling side against the hopper and cut and peel. The Food Guide is not used when peeling.

For soft foods like hard boiled eggs or soft cheese, gently press food at the edge of the Food Guide against the cutting cone while gently turning the handle.

Food Items that can be chopped or grated and peeled:

To Julienne and Peel Onions: With a French Chef knife, quarter onion, slicing from top to bottom. Using the #2 Julienne cutting cone blade, place the quartered onion in the hopper with the skin away from the blade. Applying a slight amount of pressure, turn the handle and the food cutter will peel and Julienne the onion.

To Chop and Peel Onions: With a French Chef knife, slice the onion in half from top to bottom, remove knots at each end. Using the #3 French fry cutting cone blade, place the onion sideways in the hopper with the skin away from the blade. Applying a slight amount of pressure, turn the handle and the food cutter will peel and chop the onion.

To Grate and Peel Pumpkin, Butternut Squash, Coconut, or any vegetable or fruit with hard outer cover, using a French Chef knife, cut into 2-3 inch strips lengthwise, using #1 Grater cutting cone blade, place the hard outer cover in the hopper away from the cutting cone blade, apply a slight amount of pressure, turn handle and feed through. The hard outer cover will come out the back of the food cutter.

 To Julienne and Peel Avocados or Melons: using a French Chef knife, cut into 2-3 inch strips lengthwise, using #2 Julienne or #3 French fry cutting cone blade, place the hard outer cover in the hopper away from the cutting cone blade, apply a slight amount of pressure, turn handle and feed through. The hard outer cover will come out the back of the food cutter.


Cutting Cones…

For your convenience and ease of use, the cone number is stamped on the base of each cone.

CAUTION: The edges of the cutting cones are very sharp. USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN HANDLING.


#1 CONE  Shredder-Grater: Use for fine shredding of hard foods like beets and carrots for salads and garnishes, shredding turnips or potatoes for Latkes, and for fine grating of nuts, chocolate, crackers, dry bread, coconut, and hard cheeses.

Wash and drain fruits and vegetables before grating or shredding. Do not peel vitamins and minerals are contained directly under the skins of most fruits and vegetables. Shredded foods require very little moisture for cooking the waterless way.  The #1 cone is perfect for preparing fresh fruits and vegetables for babies and soft foods for special diets. The #1 cone is perfect for grating and de-stringing celery.


#2 CONE Julienne-Stringer: Use for Julienne strips or for stringing potatoes, salad vegetables, to peel and Julienne onions, chop celery for soups, stews and stir fry, Julienne hard and soft cheeses and fruits. No need to peel potatoes, just give them a good scrub and use cone #2 for shoestring potatoes. To Julienne onions, just cut in quarters from top to bottom, place lengthwise with skin up away from blade, turn the handle to chop and peel. Leave the peel on apples to add more color to your dish, cut in half, and remove the core and stem, and turn skin side to the cone. To chop and peel fruits and vegetables, with the skin up away from cone. Julienne style hard and soft cheeses for salads and for quick melting. For a fine cabbage slaw, quarter cabbage, remove core, place with leaf side to cutting cone.


#3 CONE Chopping-French Fry: Prepares the perfect French Fries every time (similar in size to McDonald’s)! It’s so quick and easy, and healthy, you’ll want to serve them often. Scrub and drain large baking potatoes, remove blemishes on skin, do not peel. Place potato lengthwise across cutting cone, apply a slight amount of pressure, and turn the handle quickly. That’s all there is to cutting perfect French Fries. To cook, deep fry in oil, or bake on a lightly oiled cookie sheet in 375°F oven 30-45 minutes, sprinkle with malt vinegar and serve. To chop onions, slice the onion from top to bottom, trim stems and place in hopper lengthwise, apply a slight amount of pressure while turning the handle. Out comes the peel and the chopped onions.  


#4 CONE Plain Slicer: For Slaw, Potato Chips, Radishes, Pickles, Carrots, Nut Meats, Onions, Yellow and Green Squash, Mushrooms and Sauerkraut. To make potato chips, give the potatoes a good scrub, drain, do not peel. Place the end of the potato against the cone or rest against food guide perpendicular to the cutting cone. Apply a slight amount of pressure while turning the handle. Onions for hamburgers or sandwiches are best prepared cut in half, and peeled, place the onion in the hopper, apply slight pressure while turning handle. Smaller onions slice best. To slice mushrooms, place sideways in hopper, slice one at a time.


#5 CONE Rippled – Waffle Slicer: Potatoes, Cucumbers, Cabbage, Beets, Carrots, Apples, Bananas, Yellow and Green Squash.  Except for bananas, it’s unnecessary to peel fruits and vegetables. Give them a good scrub, rinse, drain and you’re ready to cut. Cucumbers and Carrots cut with the #5 cone are beautiful for salads and garnishes. Also great for canning Cabbage cut with the #5 cone. Quarter cabbage with French Chef Knife; remove the core, place point leaf side to the cutting cone. Apply a moderate amount of pressure as you turn the handle, gives cabbage a unique texture for coleslaw.


Full 50-Year Lifetime Warranty…

The Health Craft Kitchen Salad Machine food cutter is under warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. During the 50-year Lifetime Warranty period, most defective parts will be repaired or replaced without charge. Handles and Suction Cups are warranted for 10 years and can be replaced ON-LINE Enter Store.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. This warranty does not cover damage caused by intentional abuse of the product.

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